Places Where Dua Is Accepted During Umrah.

Dua is such a thing that finds great importance in Islam. It is regarded as the “Weapon of a Believer” because a Dua made with the purest intentions has the capability of changing one’s fate but only when Allah Almighty wills for it. The best thing of all, there’s no specific timing or a place to make Dua, one can make Dua anytime, anywhere in this entire world.
However, some places are considered more sacred in this regard i.e. the holy city of Makkah. The only distinction is that a Dua made in the house of Allah Almighty is particularly answered! That’s the reason people travel for umrah and hajj every year; supplicating to the Allah Almighty.
Here are some of the Places where Dua is accepted during Umrah.
Inside of the Holy Kaabah.
Inside of the Holy Kaabah, undoubtedly, is the most sacred place in the universe. However, no one can reach there as the gates of Holy Kaabah are closed for the general public, according to the local law. These gates are only opened once or twice every year for cleaning purposes and that is also done by the King of Saudia Arabia Himself.
On the other hand, the gates of Holy Kaabah used to remain open for people in ancient times. Therefore, it’s among the best places to make Dua during umrah.
The sacred place inside of Masjid-al-haram where pilgrims complete their seven rounds i.e. Tawaf around the Holy Kaabah, it’s known as Mataf. It’s among those places where Dua is never rejected. That’s why it is advised to make different duas for the prosperity and success in the worldly life as well as in the hereafter.
When Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was building the Holy Kaabah with the help of his son Hazrat Ismail (AS), Allah almighty ordered a block of stone to facilitate them in the construction of the upper part of the holy Kaabah. So, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) used to stand on it while Hazrat Ismail (AS) aided in the construction; the stone used to elevate as well as come downwards to facilitate construction at heights.
By the will of Allah Almighty, Hazrat Ibrahim’s (AS) footprints were imprinted on it. Now this stone is placed inside of the Haram, near to holy Kaabah in an enclosed golden casing. It’s among the rituals of Umrah to offer two Rakat Salah behind it after the completion of Tawaf.
The semi-circular region situated adjacent to the Holy Kaabah is known as Hateem. Hateem remains an official part of the fundamental constructional base of the Holy Kaabah. However, during the times of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) when Holy Kaabah was rebuilt, people fell short of funds to include it in the construction. That’s why the messenger (SAWW) of Allah Almighty said; (description) one who offers two Rakat Salah in Hateem, it's just like as he/she offered Salah inside of the Holy Kaabah.
 So, if you are traveling through hajj umrah travel agency for the performance of minor pilgrimage, specifically make Dua at these places.
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