5 Secrets to Great Success Hidden in the Quran

Holy Quran is the guidance for humanity during all the times and in all the worlds. It is the Book of Allah and guidance provided by Him to human beings who recite it. No one can know human beings better than their Creator and Book written by Him will always be a best guidance for humanity. The first revelation was about knowledge without which a human is hardly to differentiate himself from animals.
5 secrets hidden in Holy Quran:
There are many secrets to success that are hidden in Holy Quran. Reciter of Holy Quran must find all the secrets out. Performer of Hajj and Umrah also enjoy the benefits of these worships. Cheap Umrah package UK can be a great chance for middle class people to have visit of House of Allah and to achieve His closeness. Here I discuss the five secrets that are hidden in Holy Quran: 
1. Recognizing yourselves:
It is very difficult for someone to recognize himself but Holy Quran says that a success of a person lies in himself or in recognizing himself. When a person knows himself in a better way, he starts a new life that consists of some goals. All the human beings are creatures of Allah Almighty and they must be aware of their purpose of life. Spending life for some goals is the beauty of life. 
2. Cleanliness is key to success:
Cleanliness is the key to success and is an important part of faith of Muslims. Allah swore many times in Holy Quran for explaining the importance of cleanliness. He said that only those are successful who remain pure. Pureness does not only mean physical cleanliness but purity inside is also included in cleanliness. 
3. Believe and trust in Allah Almighty:
Believing in Allah Almighty is also the way to success that is hidden in the Book of Allah. All kind of help comes from Allah Almighty and He is the only one that helps us in the time of need. Believing in Allah is the part of faith of Muslims and a person who trusts of believes in Allah gets special help from Him. Hazrat Moosa also believed in Allah Almighty and Allah made the ways for him in river. Allah cooled the fire for Hazrat Ibrahim due to his strong believe in Allah when he was thrown into the fire. 
4. Discipline as a secret to success:
You may have focused upon the system of universe. All the things in a universe are arranged beautifully and are fully disciplined. Allah has ordered Muslims to offer prayer as it brings discipline in the lives of Muslims. Disciplined nations make progress because they concentrate on their goals and give full time to their effort for achieving their goals. If there is no discipline, there is no success. 
5. Remembrance of Allah Almighty and Supplication:
Remembrance of Allah Almighty and Supplication are also the two ways to success that are explained in Holy Quran. Allah listens to all those who call Him in the time of need or who worship Him. Allah becomes angry with those who do not ask for help from Allah Almighty. A Muslim who keeps remembering Allah, Allah also takes great care of him. 
Other ways to achieve success in life:
A Muslim can achieve success in this world and the world hereafter in many ways. Worshipping Allah Almighty, acting upon Sunnah of Holy Prophet and courtesy with human beings are the best ways that take Muslims to Jannah. A Muslim who goes to Jannah is called a successful person. Getting control over your tongue can also bring you on the path of success. Speaking the truth and obeying the orders of Allah and His Rasool take Muslims directly to Jannah. 
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